Clever Dog Schnuzzle

schnuzzle [shh-nuhz-uhl]

Verb: To cuddle or snuggle up to. To touch, rub or explore with the nose, muzzle. Show affection. To give comfort to a loved one through touch or smell.

Noun: An irresistible multi-coloured chew toy in a variety of shapes and textures that intrigues and excites the senses. A familiar and comforting object. A sensory treat.

No ordinary dog toy.

Schnuzzle is designed to attract, engage and entertain canines like nothing else on earth. Schnuzzle has changeable surfaces, textures, colours and Aromas….Yes Aromas, contained in the world’s first replaceable long lasting Scent reward.

Simply clever.

The core of the ball is cleverly designed to fit a patented Schnuzzle Scent Disc which only releases its aroma once the ball is reconnected... piercing the micro-encapsulated surface and releasing the scent from the ball.

No mess, no smell on your hands, carpet or furnishings. Schnuzzle will release more scent every time it’s played with (or turned). It continues to release it’s scent for days... a great way to stimulate, entertain or calm your dog, even when you’re not there.

Now that’s clever.

The science bit.

For dogs, the sense of smell far outweighs taste. The average dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be at least 100,000 times more sensitive than the average human. On the other hand, a canine sense of taste is only around 15% of what we, as humans, can detect.

While our brain is dominated by a large visual cortex your dog’s brain is all about the olfactory cortex. Basically that’s the part of the brain that deals with smells. And theirs is highly developed to seek out and analyse odours. So what better way to get your pet’s attention than by using a scent based reward system?

Food treats are snapped up in a nano-second and do not give the sensory stimulation that a Schnuzzle Scent Disc can.

From a short distance you probably won’t even be able to detect the smell yourself, but your dog will find it irresistible. It is long lasting and of course, there are no calories, great for those food obsessed dogs on a diet!

Clever Dog Schnuzzle

What’s in it?

Schnuzzle Scent Discs are designed for use with either puppies or mature dogs. The disc itself is made from paper materials. The scent is a combination of food flavours, fragrances and essential oils.  They are not intended as an edible treat, however if your dog was to accidentally ingest one it will not pose a risk as they contain no harmful ingredients. Schnuzzle Scent Discs are 100% safe for humans and all pets.

Dogs love us.

Your best friend will love our ever expanding range of Schnuzzle Scent Discs, including scents of Cheese, Roast Chicken, B.B.Q. Beef, Liver and Bacon to name a just few. New scents will be released regularly with Seasonal Specials and exciting combinations guaranteed to delight.

Clever Dog Schnuzzle

The essentials.

We also have a range of Schnuzzle Scent Discs with pure essential oils. The proven health benefits of essential oils for both humans and dogs is well documented. These combinations are great to use for car travel, during periods of separation or in unfamiliar surroundings. Use The Essentials to help calm, relax and refocus your dog.

Power chewers.

Schnuzzle is made from a super strong tear resistant elastomer that is 100% pet safe.

The screw parts that hold Schnuzzle together incorporate a special interlocking design that prevents unscrewing except when operated by human fingers.

These screw parts lock into the ball and are built to withstand a pull force of over 400KG (881LBS).

If that doesn't sound strong enough for your pet, then take a look at the Schnuzzle HD with Power Ring.

Schnuzzle HD (Heavy Duty) is made from an even stronger, harder elastomer designed for serious chewers.

Incredibly strong and durable, Power Ring prevents teeth from getting anywhere near the join halves.

Together, Schnuzzle HD with Power Ring have Power Chewers covered.

Clever Dog Schnuzzle

Mix it up.

With Schnuzzle you have the fantastic option of being able to add-on or change individual components that lock on to the base Schnuzzle. Mix it up a little... it’s a great way of peeking interest in your dog, creating a unique and ever changing toy.

The Scent Disc can be changed whenever you like. Just remove the Disc and store it in the supplied cover ready for its next use.

Each disc lasts for a week (or more) of continuous play. Every time you change a Scent Disc or a part of Schnuzzle it’s like a NEW TOY to your dog.

We have found people love playing and interacting with Schnuzzle just as much as our four-legged friends.

Clever Dog Schnuzzle

A smaller paw print.

Schnuzzle is built super tough. If you have a heavily worn part, you can replace sections of your Schnuzzle without throwing away the whole toy. Much better for the environment and your wallet. All Schnuzzle materials are 100% pet safe. Schnuzzle is also 100% recyclable.

I want one.

Schnuzzle will be in production and available to purchase in 2015.

If you would like to be one of the first (with your best friend) to experience this revolutionary dog toy please join our mailing list.

We will notify you of release dates for products, special offers, giveaways and much more.

Let’s play ... Hide ‘n’ Scent

This Schnuzzle game is great to play with your best friend. A simple variation of Hide’n’Seek.

Place a Scent Disc in your Schnuzzle and activate it.

Let your dog have a good sniff.

Now hide the toy around the house or yard.

Try somewhere easy at first.

Say: ‘Find Schnuzzle’

Action: Walk with them as they look for the toy.

You may need to help them find the toy at first.

Praise: Make a big fuss when they find the toy.

Use your happy voice and lots of cuddles.

Next: As their skills improve look for more challenging places to hide

Schnuzzle or play the game in larger areas.

Scent memory.

A smell can call up memories and powerful emotions almost instantly. This event is called “Scent episodic memory”.

It may be the smell of freshly baked bread that transports you back to Grandma’s house and the feeling of comfort and safety that you felt as a small child.

The same reaction occurs in dogs... for instance a particular aroma can be paired with good times playing in the backyard or hanging on the couch with you. This is a great tool if you have a dog that suffers from anxiety when left alone or in the care of a stranger.

Calming exercise.

Choose a Scent Disc from our essential oils range and insert this into your Schnuzzle.

Action: Spend some quality time just chilling with your dog and the Schnuzzle. You can use the nodules on the ball to rub his/her tummy or just let your dog gnaw on the toy while you sit together on the couch... cuddling, stroking his/her ears - whatever usually works to comfort your dog.

Praise: Talk to your dog in a soft, happy voice.

Repeat: Make this a regular special time for you and your pet. After a period of time your dog will build up a collection of relaxing memories associated with the same scent.

Result: You can now use the same Schnuzzle Scent Disc as a trigger to help soothe your dog during stressful situations... whether it’s a long car ride, thunderstorms, fireworks, a trip to the vet or time spent away from you.

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